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BMC Services Inc. is the most complete and trusted custom marine carpentry service provider on the market. 30+ years experience in optic scanning and computer software in designing tailored solutions translated through computer-aided machining for the marine, aerospace, industrial and architectural industries!

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We Are Dedicated To Our Clients & Projects

Simply put, we thrive on making BMC Services Inc. the most complete and trusted custom marine carpentry service provider on the market.

Our Specialists integrate 30+ Years of On-site Experience to Tailored Luxury Solutions for the Domestic and International Marine, Aerospace, Industrial, and Architectural Industries.

Exotic Wood Species, Material Strengths, Joinery Techniques, Composites/Lamination, Lab Color-Matching, and Advanced Finishing Products with CAD and CAM are used to Deliver In-House Design, Fabrication, and Finishing of the highest quality.

To provide the international nautical industry with custom design, fabrication and finishing of furniture and hardware of the highest quality.
The foundation of this company is built upon pride, honesty and commitment to our customers.
Whether the  demand is new fabrication or remodeling, we are dedicated to providing the customer with the highest quality products at competitive prices.
As a value added service, PRIORITY CUTTING is available for time sensitive projects.

State-of-the-Art Tools To Build Unrivaled Custom Furniture

  • Fully customisable so your furniture will always look good in any size room
  • Eccentric exotic materials give you the opportunity to showcase your unique ideas
  • State of the art digitizing technologies to easily customize your ambiance.
  • Match existing pieces in your home, and create designs that meet your unique needs.
  • Computer-generated mock up to help envision the final product.
  • We offer free support because we care about your product as much as you.


Over 100 Clients, Let’s See What Some Have To Say?

We love our clients and are fully dedicated to keeping their trust by offering quality services outstanding after installation warranty!

“Jose and his crew restored the old rails and made some great repairs to wood that had been damaged while being removed. most of the joins had to be re-spliced and they were very creative.”
Captain Ian van der Watt, M/Y Queen of Diamonds Part II
“An expansive salon has carefully segmented areas by the curved sofa groupings. The focal point of the salon, however, is the beautifully crafted entertainment center (inset) opposite the doors to the afterdeck. Here, Ft. Lauderdale cabinet maker José Mejia made a home for a bronze sculpture and two Erté statues.”
Marilyn Mower, Emanuel
“Best Marine Carpentry, Inc. — a Ft. Lauderdale based firm with over 30 years experience in yacht carpentry — is now successfully applying its accumulated expertise on dry land as well. it has recently completed work on several interiors in a West Palm Beach high-rise condominium. The homeowner, who runs a company that sells teak and other exotic wood, chose to collaborate with Best Marine with the goal of creating a contemporary residence that showcases natural materials.”
South Florida Design Book